How do I upgrade my Causemo Insights account to pro?

Upgrading or "unlocking" your account to get the premium Causemo Insight Pro features is easy to do!

From your segments dashboard, click "upgrade to unlock" and follow the instructions. You can choose an annual subscription or monthly subscription.

Screenshot 2018-07-05 10.59.59

Or visit your Causemo Insights subscription settings by clicking the menu box in the upper right corner and then click "subscription"

Screenshot 2018-07-05 11.00.11

Subscriptions are available Yearly (save almost 20%) or Monthly

Screenshot 2018-07-05 11.00.24

If you are having difficulty upgrading your account to pro please email us at or click on the chat link in the right bottom corner of this screen, and let us know as best you can the details of the issue you are experiencing, and we will get back to you shortly.